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SonoScape S6

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Ultrasound system SonoScape S6 (three sensors included) is a portable color model for ultrasound diagnosis.


Ultrasound scanners SonoScape S6 equipped with a large color LCD monitor that has a diagonal of 15 ", there are 2 ports to connect the sensors, a dynamic range of 225 dB, operating frequency range of 1-15 MHz.  Ability to increase the image in real mode and a still image can also be simultaneously used to nine focal zones. The multibeam scanning occurs at high frame rates in all operating modes, there is a technology HPRF - registration of high flow velocities in Doppler mode, the image is automatically optimized gray-scale and Doppler modes by pressing one button.

Working station digital ultrasound system consists of a hard disk of 250 GB, USB 2.0, Ethernet, DICOM 3.0, which are standard, all kinds of calculations for obstetrics for  gynecology, cardiology, angiology, urology, orthopedics and neonatology etc. Also this model can investigat  cardio-vascular system and the brain of the fetus, fetal growth curves output.

Maintaining a database of patients with further storage and retrieval of images, you can make and export reports, you can create custom settings and image lists calculations. Simple and intuitive user interface in Russian. Provided free software, and you can also add new modes and calculations.

Scan Modes:

Scanning is available in different modes: this mode and, M, B / M, B / B, 4B, in tissue harmonic in color and energy mode, the direction of energy and pulsed wave, constantly-wave and tissue Doppler in color M-mode, multiline anatomical M-mode, there is a panoramic scanning the line sensor. Also it’s possible in duplex and triplex mode. And such modes as Compound Imaging - mode excitation of the ultrasonic beam, FreeHand 3D - a three-dimensional reconstruction of the surface mode is performed trapezoidal scanning linear encoders, and a very important technology - a technology for suppressing speckle noise MicroScan.


This unit is the latest ultrasound technology in the development of portable scanners companies SonoScape S6. Increased attention directed to the Doppler, the high sensitivity of the device makes it possible to conduct research quickly and even very thin limb vessels with low velocity blood flow.

Doppler has very high quality, which makes scanners SonoScape S6 only one of its kind that can conduct all kinds surveys in adults. The basic package includes a variety of data sets Doppler mapping modes, and all the calculations that make it possible to quickly and accurately establish the diagnosis.

Ultrasound scanners SonoScape S6 are lightweight - only 8 kg, which makes them transportable. The lack of graininess in the monitor when the image greatly simplifies and accelerates the process of surveys. MicroScan advanced technology virtually eliminates noise in images - this is a very important factor for the specialists in ultrasound diagnostics.

The application of ultrasonic devices SonoScape S6 in various fields: this in obstetrics and gynecology, cardiology and urology research abdomen, thyroid, breast, also surveys the joints and blood vessels, small bodies, and are also used in pediatrics, surgery, veterinary medicine, neonatology, neurosonography, during invasive procedures etc.

The warranty period is 24 months on the ultrasound scanner S6 and 12 months on sensors.

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