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SonoScape S40

Article: U0538



SonoScape S40 (four sensors included) - Color Doppler ultrasound system for diagnosis in the hospital.


The device is equipped with a 19-inch LCD monitor, which covers a wide viewing angle, also has a 10-inch touch-screen controls, which has 150 tilt angle. Very convenient control panel - it is adjustable in height and angle, as a practical keyboard that has a programmable position. There are five working ports for connecting sensors and one additional port. Also model S 40 has additional retainer for intracavitary probe heater and gel.

Equipment sensors are in a complete set: it is linear and Convex, microconvex, abdominal and phased, intraoperative, transesophageal, and Pencil sensor and volumetric 4D. The unit has special technologies such as TDI, StressEcho and Elastoqraphy. Opportunities to create and maintain a database of patients: it DICOM 3.0, AVI / JPG, two ports USB, hard-disk, WWII, and reports to PDF.

Scan Modes:

Scanning occurs in different ways: it is the color and energy Doppler Directional Power Doppler, PW and ever-wave Doppler and tissue. It is very important for these devices is the availability of ultrasound technology MicroScan - suppression of speckle noise, there is a mode 4D -Mode three-dimensional reconstruction of real time, multiline anatomical M-mode and color M-mode, panoramic scanning and scanning takes place in B, M, B / M, B / B, 4B and tissue harmonic triplex real-time stock buildup mode ultrasound beam - Compound Imaging, also performed on the linear trapezoidal scanning sensors.


Ultrasound machine SonoScape S40 is made ​​on the newest technologies; it is based on a new platform, high-quality imaging, and excellent ergonomic design. The ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus SonoScape S40 - is presented as a new market data products and embodies all the modes and field surveys. This very comfortable, convenient and easy to use diagnostic system is the best choice for clinical research in various fields.


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