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Scanner A6 sonoscape

Brand: sonoscape

Ultrasound scanner SonoScape A6 (complete with one sensor, each additional sensor $ 2000) developed the latest technology to achieve the electronics and advanced technologies in image processing. Portable Ultrasound Scanner A6 superior sharpness and image quality. The device is reliable, ergonomic and easy - which is very important in the work with ultrasound in all areas.

art: U0493

old price: 6400 USD


6000 USD

Ultrasound scanner SonoScape S2

Brand: sonoscape

art: U0432

old price: 21000 USD


19000 USD

SonoScape S6

Brand: sonoscape

Ultrasound system SonoScape S6 (three sensors included) is a portable color model for ultrasound diagnosis.

art: U0429

30000 USD

SonoScape S40

Brand: sonoscape

SonoScape S40 (four sensors included) - Color Doppler ultrasound system for diagnosis in the hospital.

art: U0538

132000 USD

Buy ultrasound scanner Israel

Our company works in Ukraine since 2002 and now we offer ultrasound equipment on the other countries. Over the years, we have established strong and lasting business relationships with many curative and preventive institutions of Europe.

Ultrasound equipments

At the time, the appearance of ultrasound equipment was a breakthrough in medicine, using a specialist online determines the state of the organ under investigation. And it is important to equip the medical establishment (private office) quality ultrasound machines.

We are working directly with manufacturers of ultrasound equipment. You can buy quality and modern ultrasound scanner in our company – it is easy and comfortable. Also we always offer the best price.

In addition we offer a bonus program, as well as conduct regular prize draws and large-scale action. You will be pleasantly surprised our service and the purchased equipment or related products!

We also have opened retail stores in the largest cities of Ukraine (Donetsk, Lugansk, Odessa, Zaporozhye, Kherson, Sevastopol, Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev, Kharkov) and now we have opened in Israel!  And you can buy diagnostically scanner in Israel.  You can personally choose and buy ultrasound scanner.  We give a 2 years warranty and service up – it’s one more undeniable bonus.

We offer the best ultrasound scanners from leading brands: Toshiba, SonoScape, Samsung, Esaote, Mindray, Honda medical, Hitachi, Philips, Siemens, Aloka, SonoSite, Alpinion etc. The purpose of these brands is the production of high-quality ultrasound machines available for private doctor’s offices and medical facilities of any rank.

Stationary and portable ultrasound equipment supplied by our company is distinguished by versatility, simple interface, high reliability and high diagnostic capabilities that can be applied in various fields of medicine. We also offer high-quality ultrasound devices for research in the field of veterinary medicine. Huge selection of portable models to diagnose anywhere in a wide range, and that in terms of functionality identical with elite stationary machines.

The best investment in the hospital or private medicine office - quality ultrasound equipment with affordable price. Our customers are always aware of best offers and get the best service and maintenance.